About Us


conholdate.app was founded in 2019 by Aspose Pty Ltd to provide document manipulation and collaboration tools for everyone.

Our mission

Our mission is to empowers user to perform a wide range of document processing tasks straight from the browser and on desktop. It allows users to view, upload, publish, search, share and embed documents online for
free. Our apps supports over 90 document formats including DOCX, PDF, PPT, XLS, among many others.

In addition conholdate.app allows user to sign up and upload and store documents, as well as share, embed and publish them all for free.

conholdate.app carefully guards our users data and privacy. Feel free to check our security practices and file retention policy that we follow to protect our users.

Our websites

conholdate.com is not the only website owned by Aspose Pty Ltd. We have several niche offerings in the file formats market under different brands. Feel free to check our websites for more details.